Aishwarya Rai and Rajini Kanth Romance in a Car for ‘Enthiran’



Enthiran an upcoming  South India film starring Bollywood supestar Aishwarya Rai and  Rajinikant is said to be one of the most expensive movie ever produced in India.

To give a romantic touch to it, the director has included a romantic scene between Aish and Rajinikant. The most interesting thing of the romantic scene is that it has been filmed inside a Benz car.

A high end model of Benz car which costs Rs. 1 crore has been purchased to shoot that love sequence. Rajini,  to look younger and to match up to Aishwarya rai is reported to have undergone various facial treatments.

Ash and Rajini kanth romancing in a car at Kulu Manali has in fact raised the eagerness of Aish/Rajini fans to watch the film.

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